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The face of hunger is so diverse - all it takes in an unexpected job loss or health issue and you could find yourself in need of support.  Help get food to those who need it the most – people like Jeanette:

Jeanette's Story

When Jeanettes husband suddenly walked out on her and their four children, she was left struggling to feed her family. He froze Jeanette out of their business and took all the money from their shared account. Then came terrible news. Her eight-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He needed months of life-saving treatment. It was a heartbreaking, overwhelming time, made worse as Jeanette could barely feed her family.

So that my kids didn't go hungry, I would go without proper meals, often for a week at a time. I’d have swigs of milk, a slice of bread, or drink lots of water to stay full. Whatever the kids didn’t eat after dinner, if there were peas or anything on their plates, I’d just scoff it down. I was sick and depressed.

“Then at the scariest time of my life my friend threw me a lifeline – she told me about a local Foodbank Member Charity who provided free and discounted food essentials. I immediately felt this huge relief. I knew the kids would eat well that night."

- Jeanette

“We had to give our family dog away
because we couldn’t afford to feed him.
It was the worst feeling.”