Leisel Jones, Liam & Dobbo’s Hunger Drive

Hunger Drive

Support our Hunger Drive this September!

Leisel, Liam & Dobbo are getting behind the Foodbank Hunger Drive in 2022, by challenging all of the Rush Hour Family to do away with their Friday Night takeaway dinner on the 23rd of September, challenging yourself to clear out all the tin food in the pantry and get creative, donating the money you would have spent on dinner to our Hunger Drive Page here!

Every dollar we raise during Foodbank’s Hunger Drive will be DOUBLED, providing TWICE as many meals to Queenslanders in need. That means, every $1 you donate creates 4 MEALS for a Queenslander in need. 

Imagine not knowing where your next meal will come from. That’s the reality for thousands of Queensland families who are facing hunger right now. But you can help! By donating to our Hunger Drive, you can make sure children don’t go hungry and adults don’t have to skip meals just to get by.

Thanks so much Rush Hour Family, we love you guys!

PS - Don’t forget to scroll down and see your virtual hamper after you donate!  

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