Who is Foodbank Queensland?

Foodbank Qld is Queensland’s largest and most trusted hunger relief charity, suppling over 14 million kilograms of essential food to Queenslanders in need, through a large network of front-line charity members each year. That is the equivalent of 7 football fields of food!

We source and rescue 14 million kg of food each year. Enough food to provide 25 million meals!

We support 200,000 Queenslanders each month. In partnership with over 250 food-relief charities.

We feed 29,000 children on a weekly basis. Providing food to 300 Schools Breakfast Programs.

We save 22 million kg of CO2 emissions from impacting our environment each year.

Do e s Queensland have a hunger problem?

The short answer is, yes. The Hunger Report 2019 states that 1 in 5 Queenslanders will experience hunger each year, with 22% being children! The most shocking figure about hunger is how little it takes to help. Every $1 donated provides 2 meals for someone in need.

What food
do e s Foodbank provide?

We source and rescue a mix of fresh vegetables and fruits, long-life pantry essentials (like rice, pasta, flour, long life milk, tinned produce and meal bases) and short-life essentials like bread, milk, meat, cheese and yoghurt. The average food donation we source could fill your lounge room with food!

Why can't I donate food myself?

Foodbank Qld works directly with farmers, manufacturers and retailers on such a large scale that accepting small ad-hoc donations from the public reduces our overall efficiently and increases operating costs. Thanks to incredible retail supporters, Foodbank can buy essentials foods heavily discounted, so we can buy much more with your dollar than you could buy at your local supermarket.